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If you are looking for safe and reliable storage and document destruction, turn to Lubbock File Room & Shredding Company. We provide affordable solutions for residential and commercial customers who are looking to keep their sensitive information confidential. Check out some frequently asked questions about the service we provide and get in touch with us for your FREE estimate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses shredding and storage services?

Commercial and residential customers use our services. Our customers come from many industries and among these are legal firms, medical clinics, financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, general business organizations, churches, and charities.

Why should I shred documents?

It has become increasingly important to protect confidential information due to identity theft and state and federal regulations to secure personal information. Many industries are required to destroy anything that has information such as social security numbers, addresses, health issues, and financial information among others. Businesses are concerned about pricing and other vital information getting to vendors or the competition.

What is done with the shredded paper?

The shredded paper is recycled.

Is Lubbock File Room & Shredding Company insured?

We carry general liability and workers compensation insurance. Our company is also bonded.

What standards are in place for the Lubbock File Room & Shredding Company staff?

We have a very experienced staff that has worked with us for over 32 years. Our staff has to comply with mandatory drug testing and intensive background screening.

Do staples, paperclips, or rubber bands need to be removed prior to shredding?

No, our shredders will easily handle shredding normal office supplies including three ring binders and hanging folders.